Xiangqi Liu

Product & Information Designer


Hi there! I’m a product designer with 4 years of combined experience and a specialized interest in data visualization & information design. I'm currently the sole UX designer working on Chrome Large Form Factor.

  • Contextual Inquiries
  • Affinity Maps & Personas
  • Stakeholder Interviews
  • A/B Tests

Google ↗

Chrome on Android Tablet

  • Usability improvements on tab strip that improve efficiency by 23% and receives 4 patents
  • Drag and drop gestures that improves multi-window adoption by 38% and 7DAU by 2.55%, and canonized by Material design guideline.


Credit Portal

  • Information design to help credit card support agents better understand and act on customer requests
  • Used by brands like Brex, Square, and Goldman Sachs

Frog × UnionPay

Merchant Portal

  • Helps small businesses understand transaction data
  • Doubled the payment app’s DAU to 300+ million
  • Improved UnionPay’s ROI on small business incentives

Class Project

Visualizing the 2018 FIFA World Cup

  • 30K data points, 100+ types of data from a single match
  • One design that serves fans, coaches, & journalists

Frog × UnionPay

Scan to Pay

  • Redesign for the scanning to pay/receive money interface
  • Produced 20+ options to persuade a demanding client
  • The app’s App Store rating rose from 3.1 to 4.4 afterwards